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  • These conditions have limited his playing time and adversely affected his play.
  • The first type is a physical effect that directly and adversely effects a person's health.
  • People in the village are adversely affected by the effects of the civil war.
  • She lived ten more years, but her health was adversely affected by the surgery.
  • Changes that took place over the following thirty years adversely affected the area and reflected changes in society in general.
  • Calling for a name change might adversely effect political support for other Virginia tribal needs.
  • These can adversely impact the environment in the receiving water body.
  • When the brain is damaged, some part of a person's life will be adversely affected.
  • Perhaps some particular properties might in individual cases be so adversely impacted that a taking might be found.
  • Women's lower educational levels is also shown to adversely affect the health and living conditions of children.
  • The district's forests and other natural wealth have been adversely affected by an ever-growing population.
  • Since he was the queen's ally, this failure adversely affected her political position.
  • They believe the operations will adversely affect the economic and social environment of the already struggling city.
  • The power generation, water supply and ultimately the whole economy of southern India is adversely affected.
  • For large films the self-weight of the film can seriously and adversely affect the form.
  • Although the area around the park has a relatively low population density, numerous human activities adversely affect the park.
  • A low-resolution, it will not adversely effect profits made from the episode in any way.
  • This bird has been adversely affected by deforestation in parts of its range.
  • He was thus the first American official to comment adversely on the war's progress.
  • Their actions must not adversely affect the people or natural environments of host countries.
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Meaning of adversely

  • adverb In an adverse manner
    she was adversely affected by the new regulations