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  • They would also be advantageous since they are digital and real-time.
  • The river was important for its development and makes it an advantageous location for industry.
  • Due to various national tax issues this was highly advantageous for both parties.
  • Therefore the color is only advantageous once it has become common.
  • In American football, it is especially advantageous to be able to use both arms.
  • This lay in also giving the town economic strength by using its advantageous location on the trade roads.
  • The town's advantageous location allowed industry to move into town.
  • The site was chosen because of its advantageous views over the sea.
  • French military superiority might have allowed him to press for more advantageous terms.
  • However, in evolution, something which is at first merely advantageous can later become necessary.
  • In general, it is advantageous to direct the play towards those cards that the player has.
  • This would have been advantageous then but not in the current environment.
  • It is not so advantageous for the local people, because they have no opportunity to work in the complex.
  • This feature is advantageous particularly large physical films, e.g., medium format films.
  • The location soon turned out to be so advantageous that the government decided to develop the village into a major industrial center.
  • He then rejoined his company and under his leadership his men captured an advantageous position on the hill.
  • This year neither team's home field advantage proved advantageous.
  • All of these conditions are more advantageous to raising live stock than crops.
  • Banks are also advantageous because of the number of branches they have.
  • Spain attempted to put itself in a more advantageous position.
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  • adjective Giving an advantage
    a contract advantageous to our country, socially advantageous to entertain often