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  • Since that time there has been no further advancement of the project.
  • When career advancement proved difficult in that trade, he began to play professional baseball.
  • However, the possible scientific advancements offered were simply too great to pass up.
  • These are just a few advancements in the process of being developed for future use.
  • Hill has a deep interest in the advancement of women and girls in Africa.
  • Advancements in water treatment technology have affected all areas of industrial water treatment.
  • While they did not put forth new information or advancements in the field, they did continue its use.
  • In addition to educational advancements, the city made some political ones as well.
  • In turn, the student will give up trying to gain respect or advancement through academic performance.
  • Despite these advancements, there were many issues associated with the increasing cost of health care.
  • This distinction was never removed throughout their military service nor during any rank grade advancements.
  • However, their existence has had a significant impact on political and scientific advancements.
  • Nevertheless, she and her near-sister were considered advancements in American naval design.
  • All of these methods were developed around the same time period because of the advancements in computer software design.
  • While there he wrote numerous articles on the advancements of steel use in the defense industry.
  • Advancement can also come through study, work, or other activities, either during game play or between sessions.
  • Many teachers also play an active role in the advancement of the school's vision.
  • In a tournament, most of the team points are scored for advancement.
  • The advancements of this system go beyond simply a larger image with less waste, however.
  • For some men, being a computer was a temporary position until they moved on to greater advancements.
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Meaning of advancement

  • noun Gradual improvement or growth or development
    advancement of knowledge, great progress in the arts