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  • Living with adults who look out for their interests takes away their independence.
  • The adult does not remain long enough in the area to perform this task.
  • These occur at any age and might not become evident until adult life.
  • These stories found popularity not only among young children but adults as well.
  • Nevertheless, they still reach it at a lower average age than adults usually do.
  • Financial support is many times lost when an adult goes through a divorce.
  • This is usually common in older adults but that is not always the case.
  • This is because it mixed up children with the adults of other classes.
  • Peter grew to be extremely tall as an adult, especially for the time period.
  • Children often face medical issues very different from the experiences of an adult patient.
  • The seats of the children killed are smaller than those of the adults lost.
  • When these students became adults, they would leave the monastery to live out their lives.
  • He preferred the company of adults, which he got only from his family.
  • The now-adult brother moved in with his birth family shortly thereafter.
  • In some species, adults reach their maximum size in about five years.
  • Young adults with university degrees were particularly likely to leave the state.
  • Analysis of these has shown that crew members were all male, most of them young adults.
  • They were first used on adults, but now they are being fitted to children.
  • Even in her adult life, she considered herself small.
  • He suffered with its effects throughout his adult life.
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Meaning of adult

  • noun A fully developed person from maturity onward
  • noun Any mature animal