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  • He also has an older son from a college relationship who was given up for adoption.
  • However, he did say that the step-child adoption is being considered.
  • Adoption gives many children great opportunities that they may have never otherwise received.
  • A travel date is typically provided at a later time in most adoptions.
  • The complete adoption of this curriculum will take about three to four years.
  • In some places, and in all international adoptions, a home study is required by law.
  • Its services include foster care, adoptions, and other community-based services for families.
  • Adoption studies also directly measure the strength of shared family effects.
  • The majority of people state that their primary source of information about adoption comes from friends and family and the news media.
  • He decided that adoption of the style would be a powerful statement about his African origin.
  • However, an institution similar to step-child adoption called partner-guardian has been created.
  • Large scale adoption in other towns then continued from the 1980s with increased car ownership.
  • He was put up for adoption and raised in child-care homes and by several foster parents.
  • It soon received wide adoption by software used in computer graphics, particularly for film and television production.
  • Adoptions in the United States may be either domestic or from another country.
  • The prison forces her to permanently give the child up for adoption.
  • Initially France attempted to work with other countries towards the adoption of a common set of units of measure.
  • Police Chief Hudson also lost his job, following the adoption of the new law.
  • However, an institution similar to step-child adoption called partner-guardianship has been created.
  • In recent decades, international adoptions have become more and more common.
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Meaning of adoption

  • noun The act of accepting with approval; favorable reception
    its adoption by society, the proposal found wide acceptance
  • noun A legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood; the adopted child is entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents (including the right to inherit)