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  • The admixed cattle were selected for solid red color, natural polling and heat tolerance.
  • Future work is needed to determine the extent to which divergent populations should be admixed when trying to expand the species back into its native range.
  • However in the introduced range of Florida, these populations freely interbreed, forming an admixed population.
  • Rates of between-population similarity also increased when geographically intermediate and admixed populations were included in the analysis.
  • They suggest that an admixed population of both west and east origin lived in the Tarim basin since the early Bronze Age.
  • They suggest that an admixed population of both western and eastern origin lived in the Tarim basin since the early Bronze Age.
  • The wings are dark above, admixed with grey near the bases of the blackish primary remiges.
  • Tissue resembling FA can also be found admixed with a component made up of primitive blastoma-like cells.
  • Owing to its amorphous nature, the mineral often contains admixed impurities, such as iron hydroxides.
  • In an admixed population, these causal variants will occur more frequently on chromosomal segments inherited from one or another ancestral population.
  • Its classicising style is admixed with some Gothic Revival features.
  • Urban Indian street dogs are of Indian Pariah Dog ancestry, but usually admixed with other breeds.
  • The population quickly dwindled until they went extinct in pure form, and had a low of 19 admixed individuals by 1961.
  • They went extinct in the mid 20th century, but had a few admixed individuals which went to an all-time low of only 19 in 1961.
  • By January 2011, there were only 54 admixed individuals from three tribes, who spoke mostly Hindi.
  • At an intrapopulation level, all urban populations were highly admixed, and most of the variation in ancestry proportions was observed between individuals within each population rather than among population'.
  • Sand or clay was admixed to it in localities where lime was expensive.
  • It was further argued that some groups may be the result of mixture between formerly distinct populations, but that careful study could distinguish the ancestral races that had combined to produce admixed groups.
  • In non-breeding plumage, most of the black is replaced by white or pale grey, though a few blackish feathers may be retained, admixed with white underparts.
  • The SNPs assigned apart the parental populations from each other and thus can be applied for ancestry estimation in a three hybrid admixed population.

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  • verb Mix or blend
    Hyaline casts were admixed with neutrophils