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  • She is admittedly unable to hold her own without their protection. Cited from The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference, by Emile Joseph Dillon
  • That class is admittedly essential to the construction of any real national life. Cited from Ireland In The New Century, by Horace Plunkett
  • It is, however, admittedly difficult to say how experiments can be made under control. Cited from Criminal Psychology, by Hans Gross
  • The theory admittedly breaks down when we come to the relations of matter and space. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • Let us hear him upon this subject, admittedly of European importance. Cited from Early Bardic Literature, Ireland, Standish O'Grady
  • The losses on both sides during this period were admittedly very heavy. Cited from America's War for Humanity, by Thomas Herbert Russell
  • It was not enough for him that he should have them accept an ordinary book admittedly written by himself. Cited from The Emancipation of Massachusetts, by Brooks Adams
  • This is the ideal -- for most people admittedly a far away one at present. Cited from Women Workers in Seven Professions, by Edith J. Morley
  • Admittedly not with the application of laws but only with the use of them.
  • Admittedly he had no license from the town and refused to obtain one.
  • A vegetable garden is admittedly a part of any home place that has a good rear area. Cited from Manual of Gardening (Second Edition), L. H. Bailey
  • An admittedly poor student in high school, Anderson was unable to immediately attend college.
  • It was admittedly the best row of houses in that newly settled quarter of the town. Cited from Hilda Lessways, by Arnold Bennett
  • This is admittedly the worst time from the point of view of weather. Cited from Ski-running, by Katharine Symonds Furse
  • Admittedly, policy arguments could be made on both sides of this case.
  • Regarding new subject-areas, admittedly, the subject matter of these agreements is certainly not original.
  • She continued to hold left-wing political views and admittedly attempted to join the Communist Party.
  • Admittedly too much light, too much study, cannot be given to the greatest issue civilization as a whole has faced. Cited from Villa Elsa, by Stuart Henry
  • Admittedly our houses were not always up to standard.
  • The Celtic language is now admittedly one of the most ancient in existence. Cited from An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800, by Cusack
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