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  • The coat of arms is again being used in administrational manner since 1976.
  • Today it also owns some administrational departments of the university.
  • Cayard later was moved out of the skipper position into an administrational position and ultimately left the syndicate.
  • The operating centre build was designed as a three-storey building with of floorspace, providing railway operational and administrational and training facilities.
  • Steinfurt was now the head of the "arrondissement" and therefore its administrational centre.
  • He played the leading organizational and administrational role in Prussia, as he had done earlier in Livonia.
  • The district ceased to exist as an administrational unit with the 1920 Greater Berlin Act.
  • Sarsing has become a town and many of its educated citizens occupy now various administrational and technical positions such as teachers, engineers and managers.
  • The Minister-Secretary of State gives technical and administrational assistance to the President and Vice President in running State affairs.
  • The decision of the French to choose Burgsteinfurt as an administrational centre was simultaneously the start of the industrial era.
  • The group's activities differentiated themselves by the complexity and diversity in their programming as well as their administrational efficiency during the office space distribution performance.
  • A hospital information system (HIS) is an element of health informatics that focuses mainly on the administrational needs of hospitals.
  • Kleinhau with the town hall is not only the administrational center of the community, but has become the commercial center as well (shops and a few supermarkets).
  • The administration and government of the Kingdom of Hungary were not united with the common administrational and governmental structure of the Austrian Empire.
  • For administrational purposes the panchayat is divided into two villages Eruvatty and Pinarayi.
  • It was at the Administrational Art Exhibition, where there were really some good pictures, and where, on my entering, I was given a small brass disk. Cited from Roman Holidays and Others, by W. D. Howells
  • After leaving administrational politics, he became a dedicated journalist and publicist, winning the First Prize for Publicism in 2002.
  • The University Council is the highest administrational authority within the institution and consists of the rector and ten other members, including two students and two members endorsed by the University Forum.
  • The profile reaches from scientific and administrational support when planning experiments in microgravity over concrete experiment preparation and operational support for accepted flight experiments and corresponding ground experiments up to data management.
  • In 1945 the American military government reorganised administrational areas, and Bad Wimpfen came under the control of Baden.
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