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  • It is currently part of an area administerd by the National Capital Commission.
  • Together they formed their own form of government that was administerd by a group of pioneers known as the Fair Play Men.
  • I fear they have had an opiate administerd to them. Cited from The Original Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 2
  • In 1958, it was the only university outside Beijing directly administerd by the Central Government.
  • The CSE is administerd through a vendor, by permission of the California Architects Board.
  • A strong proponent of temperance, he prohibited saloon owners from holding office in any Catholic organization in the diocese, and made all the children to whom he administerd Confirmation promise not to drink until they were 21.
  • The game was administerd by the Women's Football Federation of India (WFFI) from 1975 until the early 1990s when they were absorbed into the AIFF.
  • The Swiss Firefighting Museum (Schweizerisches Feuerwehrmuseum), founded in 1957 as the Basel Firefighting Museum, is housed on the premises of the cantonal Fire Brigade but does not have the status of a public museum and is not administerd by the canton.
  • The bhattarakas of Sonagiri also administerd the nearby Jain center of Panagar, where Narendrabhushan installed images in 1797, Surendrabhushana conduscted pratishtha in 1822, and Acharyabhushan in 1838.