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  • Process control and energy conservation are the two primary reasons for using an adjustable speed drive.
  • The game features an adjustable difficulty system that will increase difficulty based on the actions of the player.
  • This incident is almost certainly related to the adjustable-height chair his father made shortly thereafter.
  • The hurdle course is adjustable after each day's racing to give new ground.
  • The front sight is fully adjustable in the field by the soldier.
  • If the desk is made for computer use, the legs may be adjustable.
  • Adjustable air suspension delivered excellent ride quality and sure handling over any road surface.
  • An adjustable finger rest can be either lowered for those with large hands or raised for those with small hands.
  • Opened the energy lock with their adjustable light-key as easily as if it had been a paper bag. Cited from On the Trail of the Space Pirates, by Carey Rockwell
  • The P-type was also standard with the more sporty eight-way adjustable seats.
  • An adjustable speed drive can often provide smoother operation compared to an alternative fixed speed mode of operation.
  • The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field.
  • The adjustable nature of this level can also be used to measure the inclination of an object.
  • A long adjustable table could accommodate up to about fifty guests.
  • Less commonly found is the adjustable set square.
  • The old speed setting command was replaced with a new one that was used to change both the old speed setting and the new adjustable time period.
  • Both front and rear control arms are adjustable.
  • The steering column was adjustable not only up and down but back and forth as well.
  • Mechanical technology incorporated into the chair enabled adjustable chairs, especially for office use.
  • Adjustable glasses allow on-range changes for conditions - light, color, etc.
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