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  • Can one House by itself adjourn to any future day, or other place? Cited from School History of North Carolina, by John W. Moore
  • However, the board must adjourn by the last business day of each month.
  • Games not completed after eight hours of play were adjourned to be finished on the rest day.
  • I have not heard the result, but again Congress has adjourned without taking action. Cited from A Military Genius, by Sarah Ellen Blackwell
  • When the interview is finished the meeting is adjourned until the following day.
  • Why should we adjourn till to-morrow that which can be as well finished today? Cited from The Waverley Novels, Vol. XII, by W. Scott
  • So he asked the council to adjourn until the following morning. Cited from By Canoe and Dog-Train, by Egerton Ryerson Young
  • The assembly then adjourned before sitting in full on the following day.
  • The role is supposed to continue long after the church has adjourned.
  • Neither body can adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other.
  • He gave a five hour speech in his defence and the trial was adjourned.
  • After town meetings were held they would often adjourn to the latter establishment.
  • None of the prominent members were present, and the little company decided to adjourn. Cited from Eventide, by Effie Afton
  • "If there is no other business to come before this meeting we will now adjourn." Cited from The Philistines, by Arlo Bates
  • A motion to adjourn immediately followed -- no one wanted to do anything more that afternoon. Cited from Lifted Masks, by Susan Glaspell
  • If a game was adjourned, it was to be continued the next day.
  • About an hour after the meeting adjourned, a fire broke out in the business section of the city.
  • The minutes may end with a note of the time that the meeting was adjourned.
  • There was nothing for her to do but make a short speech and adjourn the meeting. Cited from Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2), by Ida Husted Harper
  • At that time state law allowed the court only three days to complete its work before adjourning the session.
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Meaning of adjourn

  • verb Close at the end of a session
    The court adjourned
  • verb Break from a meeting or gathering
    We adjourned for lunch, The men retired to the library