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  • Today it houses a museum, while adjacent buildings serve as the seat of local government.
  • Many leagues also include a second first base immediately adjacent to the main one.
  • If neglected, over time they can cause problems by moving into adjacent areas.
  • It continues doing this for each pair of adjacent elements to the end of the data set.
  • It caused a fire, which was put out by a teacher hidden in an adjacent room.
  • The modern building is located in the very centre of the city, adjacent to the Old Town.
  • A piece may move to any vacant point on the board, not just an adjacent one.
  • The building consists of a one-story bank structure adjacent to a three-story office annex.
  • Avenues led directly from the park of the castle into the adjacent game-rich forest.
  • One is carved directly into the rock and the second made adjacent to it at a later date.
  • Thus the south coast is officially adjacent to the south-most portion of the Indian Ocean.
  • In addition to the main campus, the college owns much of the adjacent property.
  • Another local bridge is adjacent to this bridge.
  • This was a strip of clear ground immediately adjacent the wall.
  • Two vertices are adjacent when they are both incident to a common edge.
  • Adjacent to the coast are some of the largest offshore oil fields in the world.
  • Players continue to alternate moves, this time moving a man to an adjacent point.
  • The football is moved by a series of jumps over adjacent men.
  • The park also includes an off-leash dog park, and adjacent city-operated cemetery.
  • Additional grounds adjacent to the baroque garden has since been added.
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