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  • Having done so, he made his adieus, and left the two to themselves. Cited from A Fair Barbarian, by Francis Hodgson Burnett
  • Yet you cannot save him; you can only receive his last adieu. Cited from The Doctor's Dilemma, by Hesba Stretton
  • After the big man had made his adieux, we sat silent for some minutes. Cited from From a Bench in Our Square, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • The next day, after mass, our friends came in a body to say adieu. Cited from Strange True Stories of Louisiana, by George Washington Cable
  • Adieu; perhaps we may never see each other again in this world. Cited from Famous Americans of Recent Times, by James Parton
  • A last adieu to all my friends, to my brother whom I love very much.
  • The first one being that the word comes from the French word adieu.
  • Of the many letters of adieu he received before setting out we have space for only two. Cited from The Personal Life Of David Livingstone, by William Garden Blaikie
  • He went away then without another word beyond the ordinary adieu. Cited from Sword and Gown, by George A. Lawrence
  • What would he not have given for the power to bid them one last adieu? Cited from Willis the Pilot, by Johanna Spyri
  • This was all; there was no word of adieu even to his wife. Cited from The Lost Stradivarius, by John Meade Falkner
  • Tom and I then paid our adieus to the rest of the family. Cited from Paddy Finn, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • Then they were gone, with many kind adieus and good wishes called and sent after them. Cited from What Answer?, by Anna E. Dickinson
  • I will now bid adieu to my friends and readers until we meet again. Cited from Strange Visitors, by Henry J. Horn
  • To whom is it that he would offer his last adieus? Cited from Autobiographic Sketches, by Thomas de Quincey
  • It is great pleasure to us both -- this opportunity to make our adieux. Cited from Uncle Silas, by J. S. LeFanu
  • He found him after a bit, and the two made their adieus and thanks. Cited from Simon Called Peter, by Robert Keable
  • I have my adieux to make, and the tears have set in already. Cited from Vittoria by George Meredith, v8
  • The doctor will be up to make his adieus to-night. Cited from The Wedge of Gold, by C. C. Goodwin
  • Taking up his hat, therefore, he rose to make his adieus. Cited from Dead Souls, by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
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Meaning of adieu

  • noun A farewell remark
    they said their good-byes