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  • Info An adhesive is any substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation. more...
  • However, due to their low cost, natural adhesives are still more commonly used.
  • He had to work quickly since the adhesive would dry in a few hours.
  • These were turned on as required at starting to give additional adhesive effort.
  • He place it on the floor adhesive side up, Chris was lifted into place.
  • As they do not use heat or adhesives, these hair extensions should cause less damage than some types.
  • Highly effective adhesives found in the natural world are currently under investigation but not yet in widespread commercial use.
  • This temple was built without using any adhesive materials.
  • They can also be sprayed in place, usually with water-based adhesives.
  • A Pressure-sensitive adhesive will experience a range of conditions throughout its lifetime.
  • National Adhesives, the biggest company in the industry, was very focused on making money.
  • The less adhesive tapes should be used especially when tape is applied to new work.
  • Using an indirect method the pieces would be placed face down against paper or other material with a temporary adhesive.
  • There is also a cold-applied adhesive application process, and some self-adhesive forms of this system.
  • These latter types of attraction involve adhesive surface forces or surface energy theories.
  • Too much heat results in a product with reduced adhesive qualities.
  • The eggs are adhesive and are most often placed on plants.
  • Modern adhesives are improved over those available in the 1970s.
  • It is applied with a very small amount of water to activate an adhesive of some kind.
  • The train was designed to be put together without cutting pieces out yourself or using any adhesive whatsoever.
  • They were first known as the Adhesives before discovering that another group with that name existed nearby.
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  • adjective Tending to adhere