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  • Indian family law is complex, with each religion adhering to its own specific laws.
  • Nevertheless, most primary schools in the city still adhere to the traditional seven-year primary school.
  • He has fixed rules of official conduct to which he adheres in all cases. Cited from Life of Rutherford B. Hayes, by James Quay Howard
  • The design adhered as far as possible to the use of space in the old castle.
  • We have seen the sand adhering to writing which had been done more than a century. Cited from Quaint and Curious Advertisements, by Henry M. Brooks
  • They carried down their men, and so saved their lives, since the king adhered to his word.
  • This contract usually set a standard which the other companies adhered to.
  • Those who could adhered to their rule for the chance at a new life, and their numbers grew.
  • Indian family law is fairly complex, with each religion adhering to its own specific laws.
  • There are very limited strength of population those are adhered to agriculture business.
  • I do not know if he still adheres to that opinion. Cited from Memoirs Wemyss Reid, by Stuart J. Reid, ed
  • That is the proper position, and we must adhere to it until the end.
  • Even saints cannot live without at times some spot adhering to them. Cited from Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Froude
  • Adhering fast to the wound, it does not fall off until it has finished its work. Cited from From Pole to Pole, by Sven Anders Hedin
  • Those who wanted to adhere to their own faith were generally well treated and were given full religious liberty.
  • These standards are closely adhered to due to the potential loss of business.
  • That bridge has long since disappeared; but the name adheres to the city. Cited from The Awakening of China, by W.A.P. Martin
  • British intelligence adhered to its policy of publicly saying nothing about anything.
  • Indian Family court is fairly complex, with each religion adhering to its own specific laws.
  • It should be noted however that some plays do not adhere to this conventional structure.
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Meaning of adhere

  • verb Be compatible or in accordance with
    You must adhere to the rules
  • verb Follow through or carry out a plan without deviation
    They adhered to their plan
  • verb Be a devoted follower or supporter
    The residents of this village adhered to Catholicism, She sticks to her principles
  • verb Stick to firmly
    Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?