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  • A particular problem here are students who often have a term time and family address.
  • When he moved to a new address the following year, he took the remains there.
  • No time is set, but the address is given to him.
  • It does not address other issues, such as the dutch book.
  • The special needs of senior citizens are addressed through a variety of programs.
  • He attracted many people in the way that he addressed the issues and his people.
  • It also means that the politics of economic change can be addressed.
  • It was also free to send money to another e-mail address.
  • Congress had never before addressed whether slaves were free if they set foot upon free soil.
  • Location theory addresses the questions of what economic activities are located where and why.
  • One major difference lies in the nature of the problems that each subject tries to address.
  • Violence against women was a problem, which the Government took steps to address.
  • He also addresses important issues such as attention, memory, and association of ideas.
  • The issue has not yet been addressed by any US court.
  • Data like these are often addressed in terms of control.
  • Each table is named according to the data it contains, such as people or addresses.
  • All college students have access to the service by creating an account with their e-mail address.
  • Membership is open to all - with one official proof of address required to join.
  • Some of these questions have been addressed, at least in part.
  • Several times each year his addresses were broadcast on national television.
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Meaning of address

  • noun (computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored
  • noun The place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with
  • noun The act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience
    he listened to an address on minor Roman poets
  • noun The manner of speaking to another individual
    he failed in his manner of address to the captain
  • noun A sign in front of a house or business carrying the conventional form by which its location is described
  • noun Written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location
  • noun The stance assumed by a golfer in preparation for hitting a golf ball
  • verb Speak to
    He addressed the crowd outside the window
  • verb Give a speech to
    The chairman addressed the board of trustees
  • verb Put an address on (an envelope)
  • verb Direct a question at someone
  • verb Address or apply oneself to something, direct one's efforts towards something, such as a question
  • verb Greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name
    He always addresses me with `Sir', Call me Mister, She calls him by first name
  • verb Access or locate by address
  • verb Speak to someone
  • verb Adjust and aim (a golf ball) at in preparation of hitting