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  • Additionally, the two countries claim to share a common vision for world peace.
  • Additionally, they cannot produce the g-forces of an open wheel car.
  • Additionally, this method can measure specific points on a bridge that might be difficult to access.
  • Additionally, they began to arm themselves with guns acquired through trade at the cape.
  • Additionally, more than one in five foreign-born residents are from Asia.
  • Additionally they were able to form questions themselves about the same topics.
  • Additionally, the Greek text contains many small changes in the meaning of the main text.
  • Additionally, he made significant attempts to control public perception of his rule.
  • Additionally, secret government tax records were ordered to become public.
  • Additionally, many films were deliberately destroyed because they had little value in the era before home video.
  • Additionally, each Member of Parliament is entitled to table questions for written answer.
  • Additionally, different countries may or may not include all forms in their laws on polygamy.
  • Additionally, essential international stations can be received by cable in the main urban areas.
  • Additionally, it turned out that the harbor would be ice-bound for nine months out of the year.
  • Additionally there are many private two- and four-year technical schools, colleges and universities.
  • Additionally, the plastic did not change shape over time or when it got wet.
  • Additionally, one analysis of the full photograph revealed the object was quite small, only about long.
  • Additionally, the entire first half of the year (January to June) included record low months.
  • Additionally, it is more likely to be found at certain positions than at others, depending on its energy level.
  • Additionally the armed forces embrace several military sub-groups that can be involved in state defense when needed.
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Meaning of additionally

  • adverb In addition, by way of addition; furthermore
    he serves additionally as the CEO