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  • I only know that you have added more water than there was before. Cited from Filipino Popular Tales, by Dean S. Fansler
  • After it has reached this stage the oil can be added more rapidly. Cited from Miss Parloa's New Cook Book, by Maria Parloa
  • But believe me, it added more than that time to my life. Cited from Our Navy in the War, by Lawrence Perry
  • Since the late 1960s the university has added more than of new construction.
  • Each year it added more and more track and charged more for its services.
  • It also added more first-run talk shows and court shows.
  • He might have added more than all, when he saw the face now looking at him. Cited from Hard Times, by Charles Dickens
  • The people added more soil to them as additional individuals were buried within.
  • The local then might add more gold, and so back and forth.
  • New level elements were also added, adding more variety to the original game.
  • To have added more than is given would only be to defeat the object of this work. Cited from The Light of Egypt, Volume II, by Wagner/Burgoyne
  • Now, it becomes possible to add more information to the original relationship.
  • They are important so that they can add more features to the picture that has been taken.
  • This news story helped to add more attention to the event.
  • It is planned to add more countries once the pilot project is over.
  • Since then The Show has added more and more heads every year.
  • Student population grew as the university added more undergraduate programs and built more buildings.
  • I do not know that I need add more just now. Cited from Life of Lord Byron, With His Letters And Journals, Vol. 5, ed. by Moore
  • It has also added more instruments to the type of music.
  • Add more hot water from time to time if necessary. Cited from On the Trail, by Lina Beard and Adelia Belle Beard
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