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  • When the needs of a project change, an adaptive team changes as well.
  • What was adaptive for one region might not be so for another.
  • They are an adaptive species that can do well in the cold.
  • Like any computer-based test, adaptive tests may show results immediately after testing.
  • Adaptive systems has been and remains an area of intense interest.
  • Adaptive management must therefore be a scientific and social process.
  • Other factors play a role in what sort of adaptive radiation will develop.
  • Complex adaptive systems are special cases of complex systems.
  • Research at the Institute focuses on systems commonly described as complex adaptive systems or simply complex systems.
  • First steps towards adaptive and self-organizing computer systems are already being undertaken.
  • Using previous results to design further decisions and experiments is a central concept of adaptive management.
  • An adaptive team cannot report exactly what tasks they will do next week, but only which features they plan for next month.
  • Such multi-cultured adaptive people are now spread all over the world.
  • An adaptive team will have difficulty describing exactly what will happen in the future.
  • The key difference between the two therefore, is that adaptive maternal effects are environment specific.
  • Adaptive technology often refers specifically to electronic and information technology access.
  • In the above case the step size is not adaptive.
  • It can be seen as a basis of adaptive systems.
  • These games are understood to play a large role in the adaptive and survival ability of the birds.
  • The brain and the immune system are the two major adaptive systems of the body.
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  • adjective Having a capacity for adaptation
    the adaptive coloring of a chameleon