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  • His mother had adamantly told him no, that he had to wait until they got home.
  • She does not remember this at all and adamantly tells him to cut it out of her.
  • Peter tries to talk to her, but she adamantly turns him off too.
  • At that time she was already married, but her family was adamantly opposed to her acting.
  • Others remained more adamantly opposed, making clear that they would never accept the silver medal under any circumstances.
  • She adamantly resisted help and created trouble for everyone who reached out to her.
  • She adamantly says that she never wants to go home.
  • She also adamantly opposed the standing army, arguing that its existence made wars more likely.
  • Tom (who was having his own problems) was adamantly against this.
  • He promoted states' rights and adamantly opposed any concentration of federal power.
  • Martin adamantly stated that the funeral was more important, and that he did not care if they made it back in time.
  • She adamantly maintains she did not see the murder so he releases her as a witness.
  • At every turn, he adamantly disavowed any interest in running and stated he would not accept either position if nominated.
  • Businesses liked the skill of workers, except for those companies that were just adamantly anti-union, he said.
  • Though the members were required to read this book in school, they repeatedly and adamantly deny any connection.
  • The club adamantly denied the allegation with many players coming out saying that the claims have no basis.
  • He returned the following day, adamantly refusing the former and was arrested as a political prisoner.
  • He signs to Will if he's a pet, which Will adamantly states no.
  • Colanduno was also told he would never walk again, however he very adamantly persevered until he was able to walk again.
  • The hospital staff regularly proposed to her family that Claudel be released, but her mother adamantly refused each time.
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Meaning of adamantly

  • adverb Inflexibly; unshakably
    adamantly opposed to the marriage