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  • There were three acoustic songs on the first album and two on the second.
  • Each performance consisted of a short live acoustic set of songs from the new album.
  • The album is a return to his more acoustic guitar-driven earlier work.
  • The single included both the studio version and an acoustic version.
  • The band also used more acoustic sound on some songs.
  • The move was not without controversy because of acoustic problems with the new hall.
  • The song was originally written on acoustic guitar in the key of C major.
  • He entered the field of acoustics because of an interest in music and his science background.
  • The body of an acoustic guitar has a sound hole through which sound projects.
  • It also had more acoustic elements than the first album.
  • The single was the first to feature him playing an acoustic twelve-string guitar.
  • During his forced retirement, he wrote a book on musical instruments and acoustics.
  • This was his first hands-on experience with the developing science of acoustics.
  • Whether by chance or design, the theatre also had near perfect acoustics.
  • For a while the four-piece acoustic line-up ran in parallel with the electric format.
  • Many classical music performances have been recorded there to take advantage of its excellent acoustics.
  • In the early years, they were more interested in the acoustics of speech.
  • Due to its excellent acoustics, the church is very popular concert hall.
  • The rest of his life was spent in Paris in the study of ancient music and acoustics.
  • On the majority of his recordings in the last twenty years, he has played acoustic piano only.
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Synonyms of acoustic

Meaning of acoustic

  • noun A remedy for hearing loss or deafness
  • adjective Of or relating to the science of acoustics
    acoustic properties of a hall