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  • Both have received a large number of acknowledgements and awards for their work.
  • The teams have received numerous awards and acknowledgements both within the state and the world.
  • After receiving awards and other acknowledgements they still didn't see any money come in.
  • He also works in silver in which he has receive a large number of acknowledgements and awards.
  • He has also been awarded a countless number of national acknowledgements.
  • "All my acknowledgements -- and no ill will on your side, I trust?" Cited from The Hollow Needle, by Maurice LeBlanc
  • He would enforce the good opinion of others by his actions, but does not want their acknowledgements in words. Cited from Characters of Shakespeare's Plays, Wm. Hazlitt
  • The acknowledgements may have either local or end to end significance.
  • Despite being a relatively young business, Star Arcade has received several acknowledgements from the industry.
  • However, the majority of those who received the book sent acknowledgements that were merely brief and polite.
  • I knew that he was a widower with one daughter, and expressed my acknowledgements. Cited from David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
  • He received a number of prizes and acknowledgements for his scientific activities.
  • The building has received widespread acknowledgements for its sustainable design and construction.
  • I expect, on the other hand, the liberal acknowledgements of the learned. Cited from Life Of Johnson, Volume 4 (of 6), by Boswell
  • Write operations invalidate other copies, but often don't wait for their acknowledgements.
  • The release received numerous acknowledgements and reviews around Russia and the USA.
  • Saarinen has received numerous acknowledgements of his work as an artist.
  • Saarinen has received numerous acknowledgements for his work as an artist.
  • Similarly, the receiver is usually uncertain about whether its acknowledgements are being received.
  • The award is distinct from other academic acknowledgements such as an Honour Roll.
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Root form of acknowledgements is acknowledgement for the noun.