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  • Thorpe later, however, sent over two bear skins, which were acknowledgedly an improvement. Cited from The Blazed Trail, by Stewart Edward White
  • From reptiles we advance to birds, and thence to mammalia, which are commenced by marsupialia, acknowledgedly low forms in their class. Cited from An Expository Outline, by Anonymous
  • To walk across China, over roads acknowledgedly worse than are met with in any civilized country in the two hemispheres, and having accommodation unequalled for crudeness and insanitation, is not easy. Cited from Across China on Foot, by Edwin Dingle
  • Often had I passed whole days in climbing the steep and precipitous crags which overhang the sea in the neighbourhood of Morton Castle, ostensibly in the pursuit of the heron or the seagull, but self-acknowledgedly for the mere pleasure of grappling with the difficulties they opposed to me. Cited from Wacousta (Volume III), by John Richardson