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  • Some plants within the same species have shown resistance to the soil acidity their population grows in.
  • There was a slight acidity here; but the poor fellow was put out. Cited from My New Curate, by P.A. Sheehan
  • Surface ocean acidity has increased thirty percent since the industrial revolution.
  • Soil acidity has been seen to damage the roots of the plants.
  • Also, increasing ocean acidity is believed to have a range of direct consequences.
  • These increase the level of acidity in the water and the content of heavy metals.
  • The high acidity levels prevent many species from finding habitat in the lakes.
  • The ground water contains high levels of iron which oxidises and causes acidity levels to rise.
  • Raw oil has low acidity and can be used directly for cooking.
  • The acidity of alkalinity has an impact over several aspects in living and non living systems.
  • This process is said to reduce acidity and increase body.
  • Either way has a great gaining potential due to the high acidity of the grapes.
  • Its acidity rendered it more agreeable to my taste than the former preparation. Cited from Pioneers in Canada, by Sir Harry Johnston
  • However, these grapes that are picked later will usually experience a dramatic drop in acidity.
  • Its leaves are mostly thick, probably due to lack of nutrients in the soil, and its acidity.
  • The two in combination, in almost every instance, produce acidity in the stomach. Cited from Enquire Within Upon Everything, by Anonymous
  • The soil's acidity and stoniness let few farmers enjoy long-term success.
  • Other test equipment is used to determine such properties as acidity and conductivity.
  • Their less-than-average acidity also means that they may have uncorrosed treasure, among other things, floating around inside them.
  • The resulting coffee has greater body and less acidity.
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Meaning of acidity

  • noun The taste experience when something acidic is taken into the mouth
  • noun Ph values below 7