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  • These accusations were unable to be proved, though they did cost him his charge.
  • Even today it is not known if the accusation was founded or not.
  • Jack finds evidence to support the accusation, though he does not want to believe the evidence.
  • He makes clear this is not a history book, nor is it a historical accusation.
  • This left his team open to accusations of having advance warning of rule changes.
  • This accusation could have meant the end of his political career.
  • There have been several theories about what may have led to the accusation.
  • For five months, Henry took no action on the accusations against his archbishop.
  • And he came back to Iran on his own to answer his accusations.
  • There she told him that she takes the accusation back.
  • However, this led to accusations of selling out that would continue throughout the 1990s.
  • Accusations were made that the Foreign Press Association members had been bought off.
  • This led to his making accusations against colleagues about the reasons for the decision.
  • As a result of the accusation, Frank's award is taken away from him.
  • Whether there is any truth to the accusation may never be known with any certainty.
  • After the battle there were many accusations as to the causes for the failure of the attack.
  • Another kind of wronged hero is set up and must clear himself from accusations.
  • Once a player thinks he or she knows the solution, the player can make an accusation.
  • A person who brought another into danger of death by false accusation was punished by death.
  • I know of no accusation against possibles that cannot be made with equal justice against sets.
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Meaning of accusation

  • noun A formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt
  • noun An assertion that someone is guilty of a fault or offence
    the newspaper published charges that Jones was guilty of drunken driving