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  • Info Accounting, or accountancy, is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities.
  • The concept of a business model has been incorporated into certain accounting standards.
  • Financial accounting helps the management to report and also control the business performance.
  • You would say he was the guy who did the band's accounting.
  • While it is more complex than cash basis accounting, it provides much more information about your business.
  • The method used for this is commonly referred to as an accounting method.
  • Organizations in individual countries may issue accounting standards unique to the countries.
  • The five accounting elements are all affected in either a positive or negative way.
  • They were the normal writing material in schools, in accounting, and for taking notes.
  • Different countries have developed their own accounting principles over time, making international comparisons of companies difficult.
  • Many programs also include courses in general engineering and applied accounting.
  • Cost accounting provides the detailed cost information that management needs to control current operations and plan for the future.
  • Cost accounting has long been used to help managers understand the costs of running a business.
  • They could also be used for tasks such as word processing and home accounting.
  • Scotland at, is second largest, accounting for about a third of the area of the UK.
  • This includes not only accounting standards, but also UK company law.
  • The accounting is the terminal point of trade administration and seen as an important part of the entire project.
  • Other countries often have similar arrangements but with their own accounting standards and national agencies instead.
  • The campus also offers courses in areas including health and community services, visual arts, business and accounting.
  • Public accounting standards are being changed to bring these numbers back onto the balance sheet.
  • Part of the reason was technical -- drivers must return to the office every day for accounting.
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Root form of accounting is account for the verb.

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Meaning of accounting

  • noun A convincing explanation that reveals basic causes
    he was unable to give a clear accounting for his actions
  • noun A system that provides quantitative information about finances
  • noun A bookkeeper's chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts
  • noun A statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance
    they send me an accounting every month
  • verb Be the sole or primary factor in the existence, acquisition, supply, or disposal of something
    Passing grades account for half of the grades given in this exam
  • verb Keep an account of
  • verb Furnish a justifying analysis or explanation
    I can't account for the missing money