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  • Info In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving. more...
  • He has also stated that the bill will bring more accountability to the public sector.
  • Young people are permitted to join the church when they reach an age of accountability.
  • Many see their own national governments as their only hope of electoral accountability.
  • I do not think this is a reflection of his accountability since he has been here.
  • Though this makes it very powerful, there is an appeal process to create accountability.
  • These recommendations were followed and accountability has increased through academic and financial report generation.
  • This is often due to lack of accountability in upper management.
  • A project without a clear understanding of who assumes accountability for its success has no clear leadership.
  • This action took place after the seventh Government Accountability Office report on the subject.
  • But I really do believe there's accountability, and it's very clear what happened here.
  • It also introduced new accountability features to help limit federal waste.
  • Their use has extended to business as a knowledge management tool and a way to build a culture of accountability.
  • In these cases, organized community groups seek accountability from elected officials and increased direct representation within decision-making bodies.
  • They are pleased that students are finally included in state assessment and accountability systems.
  • This will lead to increased productivity and accountability of each team member, driving the team towards success.
  • Organizations need to face the fact that the boundaries of accountability are moving fast.
  • Another way to deal with debt to income levels is to require higher learning accountability.
  • He accepted this post under the terms of a unique performance-based "Accountability Contract."
  • Until this accountability test is passed, the host remains listed.
  • He did so since he felt great fear for God and accountability to God for what he did with his wealth.
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