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  • On the field side there are accordingly only a few small windows.
  • The building accordingly became too large for its original purpose.
  • Accordingly, this small rural town holds an important place in national history.
  • Accordingly, folk songs were the only source for research for long time.
  • Accordingly, his work below is divided upon those same lines.
  • Accordingly, she was re-elected for a second seven-year term of office without the need to hold an election.
  • Its internal guidance system also had to be moved accordingly to its greater length.
  • The organization also expressed that they "will give a decision accordingly in the following weeks."
  • Accordingly, he easily moved into the political world formerly occupied by his father and guardian.
  • Accordingly, the growth rate seen during the past eight years will be surpassed.
  • Accordingly, the five persons who did so and never assumed office are listed in a separate table below.
  • Accordingly, his bass is only partially featured on one song from the album.
  • The piece is then one of that player's active pieces on the board and can be moved accordingly.
  • Once the cards are set up accordingly, the players can begin.
  • Accordingly, it did not sell well and was withdrawn after just two years of production.
  • Accordingly the thirty-fifth year of age is reached on a person's thirty-fourth birthday.
  • Accordingly, no single, specific, human view can claim to represent absolute truth.
  • The opening stages of the war, accordingly, were largely successful for the French.
  • He was, accordingly, much sought in society, which he frequented much more than his brother.
  • Accordingly, there are many commercial and non-commercial products.
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Meaning of accordingly

  • adverb In accordance with
    she acted accordingly