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  • They were located according to their views of the war.
  • According to many critics, such an unusual division of labor caused serious command and control problems.
  • Under the changed circumstances, the two sides could not come to an accord.
  • According to some sources the siege lasted for four or six months.
  • According to the ancient sources, the two sides fought bitterly for some time.
  • At first they were well received and were even accorded official protection by many local authorities.
  • Half the size is more likely, as it accords best with the available evidence.
  • According to contemporary English accounts, Henry was directly involved in the hand-to-hand fighting.
  • According to this agreement, a new unity government would be formed.
  • The tax policy also did not accord with basic common sense economic principles.
  • To date, no other management institute in India has been accorded this honour.
  • This is the origin of money according to Smith.
  • The season saw the first tour by an England team that was accorded first-class status.
  • The season saw the first tour by an England team that was accorded first-class status.
  • Though the state accorded them government recognition, the standard started to fall.
  • According to some archeologists it was the first city to reach a population over one million inhabitants.
  • The written letters undergo a slight external change according to their position within a word.
  • He was forced instead to make peace with them, according to sources that do not tell what the terms of the peace were.
  • According to Robinson, this had an effect on the quality of the film.
  • This can be used not only to sort any type of data, but also to sort data structures according to a key.
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Meaning of accord

  • noun Concurrence of opinion
    we are in accord with your proposal
  • noun Sympathetic compatibility
  • verb Allow to have
    grant a privilege