acclaimed science fiction

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  • Perhaps his most known work from recent time is the additional score for critically acclaimed science fiction RPG Mass Effect.
  • Derleth, a well-acclaimed Science Fiction writer, brings these themes and ideas into his Gothic writing.
  • Nevertheless, some critically acclaimed science fiction movies have followed in the path of science fiction literature, using story development to explore abstract concepts.
  • They also appeared prominently in episodes written by acclaimed science fiction authors William Gibson and Tom Maddox.
  • In 2009, he starred in the critically acclaimed science fiction film Moon, directed by Duncan Jones.
  • Author August Derleth is an acclaimed Science Fiction author that uses is vast background to create chilling tales in Gothic Literature.
  • Petrogypsies is a critically acclaimed science fiction novel by Rory Harper that has achieved cult status among science fiction fans in the Texas/Oklahoma oilfields.
  • A new production of this period was one of Brackett's most critically acclaimed science fiction novels, The Long Tomorrow (1955).
  • He has become one of the most highly acclaimed science-fiction writers, hailed by critics as equal to the like classics such as H. G. Wells or Olaf Stapledon.
  • Around the time of the film's debut Rodriguez co-wrote a series of children's novels entitled Sharkboy and Lavagirl Adventures with acclaimed science fiction writer Chris Roberson.
  • They came to international attention in 2007 with the release of Are We Not Horses, a critically acclaimed science fiction concept album about six-legged robotic horses in the midst of an existential crisis.
  • Lee Moyer has done writing, painting, and design for the critically acclaimed science fiction series, Starstruck, with author Elaine Lee and illustrator Michael Wm.
  • Tatiani Rapatzikou, writing in The Literary Encyclopedia, identifies Gibson as "one of North America's most highly acclaimed science fiction writers".
  • His critically acclaimed science fiction novels, The Genocides, Camp Concentration, 334 and On Wings of Song are major contributions to the New Wave science fiction movement.
  • The series is introduced by acclaimed science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in short sequences filmed at his home in Sri Lanka, with individual episodes narrated by Carol Vorderman.
  • Apart from the show's creator, Andrew MacLear, other script-writers for the show included well known TV writer P. J. Hammond, acclaimed science fiction novelist Stephen Baxter and young adult writer Andrew Lane.
  • In 1977 he developed an old warehouse, in Matthew Street, Liverpool into a theatre venue and was a founder member and Company Manager of the acclaimed Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool which went onto to open the National Theatre- Cottesloe Theatre with their celebrated production of ILLUMINATUS!
  • It was written by Rickey Shanklin and Mark Wheatley, and drawn by Marc Hempel and Mark Wheatley, who had previously created the acclaimed science fiction comic Mars for First Comics.