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  • Current work in post-production includes two horror films produced by internationally acclaimed directors and a fashion short film.
  • The acclaimed director and producer's work extends to feature films, television and theater.
  • The film garnered attention after being praised and promoted by several acclaimed directors.
  • She has appeared in various chart-topping music albums and worked with acclaimed directors and renowned production houses.
  • I found out that Shyamaprasad is an acclaimed director and was glad to say yes.
  • AFI released a set of hour-long programs reviewing the career of acclaimed directors.
  • He has made a successful career in Latvia and Germany as acclaimed director of operas.
  • She signed her second film with internationally acclaimed director Rupesh Paul.
  • Willis went on to work for some of the most acclaimed directors of what is now seen as a golden age of American film-making.
  • This section includes films from internationally acclaimed directors (with the exception of Germany).
  • Sofia Coppola is a critically acclaimed director who has also had financial success.
  • All the films did well at the box office and were huge successes, thus establishing Rai as a well acclaimed director.
  • In the early 1960s, Stewart took leading roles in three John Ford films, his first work with the acclaimed director.
  • The Bengali film industry is well known for its art films, and has produced acclaimed directors like Satyajit Ray.
  • This would be the last fiction feature film for acclaimed director of photography Giuseppe Rotunno.
  • The band shot the video for "Give Me a Sign" with acclaimed director Nigel Dick.
  • Critically acclaimed director, Joyce E. Bernal directed the film, the one who also directed their last two movies.
  • The band shot the video with acclaimed director Kevin Kerslake.
  • The accompanying video for the single was one of the first videos by acclaimed director Dawn Shadforth.
  • His first break into Malayalam films happened as a scriptwriter with the movie English directed by the acclaimed director Shyamaprasad.
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