acclaimed debut album

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  • The band are perhaps best-known for failing to ever release their critically acclaimed debut album.
  • These recordings were unreleased at the time, but would later form the basis of their acclaimed debut album.
  • The album is a complete remix of their highly acclaimed debut album Madvillainy.
  • It features all her hits on RCA plus a few selections from her acclaimed debut album.
  • Then in 2005 they recorded and released their critically acclaimed debut album Beyond The Moon.
  • The album is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album, My Heart (1996).
  • In 2011 the band played dates in the UK both to promote the acclaimed debut album and to introduce new material for the second album.
  • Concrete Blonde is the acclaimed debut album of American alternative rock band Concrete Blonde.
  • Working alongside John Leckie, he co-produced five tracks on Muse's acclaimed debut album Showbiz.
  • Brown initially had planned to follow up her critically acclaimed debut album with Lollipops and Politics, promoting the release of the album with a debut single.
  • Mend is the critically acclaimed debut album by the Scottish band De Rosa.
  • Tracks from their highly acclaimed debut album, Supernova, have been included on 20 separate compilation CD's.
  • A sort of best of these sessions was released in September '99 as their highly acclaimed debut album Studio Gloria.
  • February 1997 saw the release of the band's critically acclaimed debut album Attack of the Grey Lantern.
  • Her critically acclaimed debut album is the best selling album of any American Idol contestant in the U.S. to date.
  • His failed relationship with singer Toni Childs formed the basis for her critically acclaimed debut album, Union, which Ricketts co-wrote and produced.
  • The release is the follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed debut album 'Prognative' (2010).
  • She has recorded an album entitled Keep the Faith, which has seen her once again team up with David Ricketts who collaborated with her on her critically acclaimed debut album twenty years earlier.
  • In late fall of 2008 through early winter of 2009 he produced the critically acclaimed debut album Manners by Passion Pit.
  • Their critically acclaimed debut album, The Monkey Pole, was released nationally in September and the band spent the rest of the year touring the country.
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