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  • The band are perhaps better known for long-standing critical acclaim rather than commercial success.
  • The film met with critical acclaim and was a major box-office success.
  • This production received critical acclaim and was seen in many parts of the world.
  • The film has worked well in box office and also has acquired critical acclaims.
  • The group received critical acclaim for these works but neither attracted commercial attention.
  • These later books did not receive the same critical acclaim and awards as the original.
  • They made some films which have received some critical acclaim at home and some international recognition.
  • The film received critical acclaim and did well at the box office.
  • Upon release the album was met with general acclaim from music critics.
  • Despite some critical acclaim and early success, the album quickly fell down the charts.
  • Three years later they performed together in concert, which was recorded live and released to critical acclaim.
  • Eventually though, as the series began to gain popularity, critical acclaim soon followed.
  • The film met with far less acclaim than the book.
  • They achieved critical acclaim and a following in America but never managed a major hit.
  • The band were getting international acclaim for their live performances as they gained popularity around the world.
  • As with Light, this novel brought him further acclaim and several awards.
  • In the US he also made short music-based pieces that added to his popularity and acclaim.
  • Even non-video game publications gave the game some positive acclaim.
  • This is a play he had received critical acclaim for as a stage actor prior to his television work.
  • Despite much stage work and acclaim, their records were still failing to sell at all well.
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Meaning of acclaim

  • noun Enthusiastic approval
    the book met with modest acclaim, he acknowledged the plaudits of the crowd, they gave him more eclat than he really deserved
  • verb Praise vociferously
    The critics hailed the young pianist as a new Rubinstein