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  • What was acceptable in the past may no longer be the case.
  • Finally the Society proposed the above arms, which were acceptable to the council.
  • The next day it created a peace establishment acceptable to all interests.
  • The speed could be reduced to an acceptable for low speed flying.
  • On the other hand, higher failure rates are considered acceptable for non-critical systems.
  • Using the four and six card of any suit also is acceptable.
  • What may be acceptable to one group of people may be considered offensive or even dangerous to another.
  • Russia stated that it would not support any resolution which was not acceptable to both parties.
  • Some treatments are used in almost all cases and are therefore considered acceptable.
  • Many felt this was an expected and acceptable cost to pay.
  • Indeed many construction materials can make perfectly acceptable propellants in their own right.
  • Use from for-profit organizations is acceptable when it is in support of open research and education.
  • He used language not considered acceptable for television in the 1960s.
  • Thanks to its small size and an acceptable public transport service, there are no major transport problems.
  • Generally they have an identified author and composer and require voice training for acceptable performance.
  • Acceptable at court, they both used their position and their influence for the advancement of science.
  • A commission was appointed to draw up an arrangement that would be acceptable to both sides.
  • A crossed double-bond has been used sometimes, but is no longer considered an acceptable style for general use.
  • In military networks such an event was not acceptable, as some calls must always be completed.
  • Students who had sent a picture by cell phone were more likely than others to find the activity acceptable.
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Meaning of acceptable

  • adjective Worthy of acceptance or satisfactory
    acceptable levels of radiation, performances varied from acceptable to excellent