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  • From the age of eight my education accented the religious side of my character. Cited from Annie Besant, An Autobiography, by Annie Besant
  • Her character and accent changed somewhat between the first and second seasons.
  • These can be compared to the various types of accent in music theory.
  • Older people can often tell the town a person comes from merely by hearing their accent.
  • His accent, while a part of his image, limited the roles he could play.
  • Otherwise his record at the college is not accented with any special work which he did. Cited from James Otis The Pre-Revolutionist, by J.C. Ridpath
  • After production ended, she immediately lost the weight she gained for the role and dropped the accent.
  • Like most cities, the accent changes relative to the area of the city.
  • They often have New York accents and can be killed by a shot.
  • The London media are sometimes claimed to look down upon those with northern English accents.
  • Furthermore, each province has a different variety of accent, with different specific terms.
  • He retained a heavy German accent and had a voice which did not project well.
  • Also unlike in the Russian language, the accent is made on u instead the first a.
  • French is his first language; his English has a marked French accent.
  • English has some words that can be written with accent marks.
  • It is much more similar to General American than most other accents in Britain.
  • He also kept his Northern Irish accent on and off set.
  • The character is American but when possessed he takes on a British accent.
  • Members of the lower middle class typically speak in local accents, although relatively mild.
  • Several regular cast members and most guest stars spoke their dialogue using non-native American accents.
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Meaning of accent

  • noun Distinctive manner of oral expression
    he couldn't suppress his contemptuous accent, she had a very clear speech pattern
  • noun A diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation