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  • They in turn destroy the accelerator right before the night of the football game.
  • The school has been home to many different particle accelerators over the years.
  • It was the group's debut single and later appeared on their full-length album Accelerator.
  • There has been no final decision on where to build the accelerator, Japan is the most likely candidate.
  • Blu-ray players can also use it as a low-power video accelerator.
  • Seed accelerators do not necessarily need to include a physical space, but many do.
  • They do so, stop the particle accelerator's construction, and war is eventually stopped.
  • These techniques were mainly developed after heavy ion accelerators were introduced in the materials research.
  • Bolt accelerators are more commonly found in machine guns to increase the rate of fire.
  • Particle accelerators are a well-developed technology used in scientific research for decades.
  • This created market demand for accelerators that could be used with existing games with minimal changes.
  • Today he runs, a hub + accelerator for the Indian start-up community.
  • Ram accelerators have also been proposed as an alternative to light-gas guns.
  • The accelerator is beneath the hill that can be seen connecting to the building on the left side.
  • When she first began her work at Fermilab, she was put in charge of the accelerator division.
  • They would press the accelerator pedal to the floor before the engine had reached proper temperature.
  • Traveling at higher speeds results in less time available to let up on the accelerator and coast.
  • Flooding usually occurs during starting, especially under cold conditions or because the accelerator has been pumped.
  • The ball return system on this machine uses an under-lane accelerator as opposed to a lift.
  • Ordinary software does not need special support for multiple screens even if it uses graphic accelerator.
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Meaning of accelerator

  • noun A pedal that controls the throttle valve
    he stepped on the gas
  • noun A valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine
  • noun A scientific instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles