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  • Run hard after you've walked out under the bridge and around the abutments. Cited from Old Man Savarin and Other Stories, by Edward William Thomson
  • She turned and began to force her way through the press of people between her and the south abutment. Cited from The Iron Trail, by Rex Beach
  • At last report, this bridge had been closed due to damage to the abutments.
  • They are generally constructed of the same material as those of abutments.
  • The back walls of the abutments were not built until the steel had been put in place. Cited from Tranasactions of the ASCE, Paper No. 1156, by B.F. Cresson, Jr
  • By the mid-20th century the bridge was gone except for the stone abutments.
  • The bridge when closed is supported on abutments at each end. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3
  • It is believed that some of the abutments for that original bridge were used in the present one.
  • The abutments of the old bridge are still visible to the north of the current bridge.
  • This will also allow the surgeon to use longer abutments should a need exist.
  • The center began as the location of a local farm, and a bridge probably located where only stone abutments now stand.
  • The old bridge was then demolished, although the old abutments are still visible.
  • Considerable money has been spent rebuilding both the north and south abutments.
  • One of the original stone abutments can be seen where Washington Street reaches the river.
  • The only way to determine this is to section the bridge and try in each abutment by itself.
  • It had two northwestern abutments made of stone, both of which rose above the low-water mark.
  • The wing walls can either be attached to the abutment or be independent of it.
  • Of the older bridge just the abutments remain, leaving an odd appearance in the river.
  • Two concrete abutments support the bridge above mean water level.
  • Wing walls can be classified according to their position in plan with respect to banks and abutments.
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Meaning of abutment

  • noun Point of contact between two objects or parts
  • noun A masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge