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  • This reputation of being a power abuser would further damage the company.
  • Margaret said that her father is an abuser and always hits her mother.
  • He becomes a drug-abuser who has never been to school and spends all his time at home.
  • Her father was a hallucinogenic drug-abuser and her mother was his sister.
  • The book tells the story of how the abuser forced the woman and her new family to flee abroad.
  • In a post on her blog about her decision to come forward, Taylor named her abuser.
  • This is meant to let the abuser know that others can hear them and will act to interrupt the violence.
  • The alleged abuser had since then committed suicide after being relieved of his position at the school.
  • An abuser will often use threats against their partner to keep quiet about their actions and not leave or go to the authorities.
  • Father Fernando was later found to have been an abuser and was forced into retirement.
  • A day before, the boy meets a woman boarding a train, a drug abuser.
  • Thirty years later, he meets his abuser again.
  • Many are unsure if it should be included since it does not involve another person as an abuser.
  • This is a significant risk to the abuser because it can result in overdose and death.
  • As she does so, objects around her start to suddenly move as if thrown or destroyed by the unseen hand of an abuser.
  • Their basic motive was revenge against their abuser and against those who had abused others in a similar way.
  • As mentioned earlier, the abuser may refuse the victim to work or make it very difficult to maintain a job.
  • Making it easy for the abuser to not feel guilty or to blame themselves.
  • During this time it was brought to his attention that a priest, Michael Hill, was a child sexual abuser.
  • They may also coerce them to perform illegal actions or to drop charges that they may have against their abuser.
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Meaning of abuser

  • noun Someone who abuses