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  • Two PAIN pinball machines are also available for download, which have elements of Abusement Park and Area 69.
  • The song is used as the official theme to Buckethead's fictional "abusement" park Bucketheadland whose concept spans several of the artist's releases up to present.
  • Released in 2003, Bucketheadland 2 is the sequel to Buckethead's debut album, Bucketheadland, a concept album about a fictional "abusement" park.
  • On May 15, Buckethead started to release albums under the concept of a kiosk within Buckethead's fictional "abusement" park called "Buckethead Pikes".
  • The maps are in a wide variety of locales, including No Bears Land (a warzone), Skate or Die (a skate park), and Abusement Park (a carnival).