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  • The goal of AbuseHelper is to be able to handle a large panel of sources and try to extract useful information for event follow-up.
  • As AbuseHelper should help to handle incidents, a large panels of output has also to be handled.
  • AbuseHelper is an open framework for collecting and sharing intelligence on suspected malicious activity.
  • AbuseHelper is then scalable and each agent follows a KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) approach.
  • Clarified Networks is the lead developer and community contributor of AbuseHelper.
  • AbuseHelper also automates the enriching of information, such as finding the owners of reported IP addresses from public databaseses (such as Whois).
  • AbuseHelper is written in Python and developed relying on XMPP protocol (not mandatory) and agents.
  • Default and demo workflow for events handling in AbuseHelper.
  • There is a tremendeus amount of information available, but it's not well utilized, as the amount of information is too big for manual processing AbuseHelper follows a number of sources and produces actionable reports and dashboard for the people that need to treat all these notifications.