abused women and children

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  • Women's Aid advocate for abused women and children in three main ways.
  • Aware of its crucial need, he established the Crisis Center for Abused Women and Children.
  • She graduated from Cleveland State University and currently works as a nurse in a facility for abused women and children in Cleveland.
  • The organization's focus is on helping new immigrants and refugees, abused women and children, and the formerly homeless furnish their homes.
  • Thirdly, they provide services to abused women and children, for example UKROL and the National Domestic Violence Helpline.
  • She established Maria Shelter for abused women and children and Casa Notre Dame for older homeless women.
  • With the annual Sisters With Blisters walk (money donated for abused women and children) the magazine took part in walking three kilometres in high heels.
  • Santucci is also a philanthropist, having raised funds for Safenest a Las Vegas charity helping abused women and children.
  • The Helpline not only provided help and support for abused women and children, as well as agency professionals seeking advice, it also became a national referral point for access to the national network of refuge and support services.
  • The Women's Clinic opened during the fall of 1996 with the intent of further reaching out to the low-income, homeless, neglected, and abused women and children who had previously formed a minority at the General Clinic.
  • The Sisters of the Church are supported by an international network of associates, who pray for the sisters and give financial and other support for their ministries, which include parish and retreat work, counseling and the only centre in the Solomon Islands for abused women and children at Tenaru.
  • Venerable Catherine McAuley established the first House of Mercy on September 24, 1827, in Ireland to serve the needs of homeless and abused women and children from Dublin's slums.
  • PACAP has also worked with co-operatives producing local handicrafts, with the handicapped and the elderly, with street beggars, with abused women and children, with the children of overseas workers, with prisoners, with prostitutes, and with the victims of AIDS and filariasis.
  • Hussey and Ferraro, directors of the Covenant House in Charleston, West Virginia -- a shelter for homeless and abused women and children -- were supported by CFFC in their dispute with the Church.
  • In 2013, proceeds were shared with Spirit Foundations, which was founded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1978 as a vehicle to support charities that address the problems of the aging, abused women and children, and victims of terrorism and natural disasters.
  • Gift of Happiness Foundation also aim to distribute a wide range of donations at Orphanages, Crisis Centres for abused women and children, Bangkok slums, refugee camps along the Thai/Burmese border, HIV/AIDS centres, homes and schools for physically & mentally challenged children.