abused children

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  • He was the abused child in a family that ran a dog fighting ring.
  • What sort of life was she leading, the poor, abused child? Cited from We Three, by Gouverneur Morris
  • Another said he had abused children every two weeks for more than 25 years.
  • She eventually joined the military, where she found more acceptance than she had felt at home as an abused child.
  • Some of them involved claims that he abused children while they were posing for his pictures.
  • In this role, she became a strong advocate for abused children.
  • It was originally created to help abused children.
  • In Hurricane Streets, her character was that of an abused child who wanted to run away from her father.
  • The church informed police of his involvement in the mission, but police found no evidence that he had abused children while on the mission.
  • Runaways, street children, children of sex workers, abused children and child labourers all live here.
  • The guard, however, took pity on the abused child, and secretly set him free in the woods instead.
  • Among the awards she has won is from Mayor Tom Bradley for her work with abused children.
  • Richards also created the New York Center for Children to care for abused children and their families.
  • The story deals with a broken family healing itself after taking in a sexually abused child far more broken than they are.
  • During the custody battle, the children had spent three months in a home for abused children as wards of the court.
  • The information has led to federal indictment of the person in question and rescue of one sexually abused child.
  • This is a place where orphaned, abandoned and abused children are given refuge.
  • It is generally recognized that the physician is the primary means of identifying the abused child.
  • Establishment reprisal against sexually abused children and their parents can be severe.
  • Some of the women who abused children misinterpreted their behavior as sexual invitations.
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