abused by her

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  • He burst into the house and found a wife being abused by her husband.
  • The main character of the book is a girl who is sexually abused by her father.
  • It is implied that this is at least in part due to abuse by her father or brothers.
  • Edgington told police that she was abused by her father when younger.
  • She has been abused by her husband and warns her daughter of their treachery.
  • Questioning them separately, the wife signed a police statement regarding abuse by her husband.
  • She was sexually abused by her father from age nine to fifteen.
  • Rose grows up in a small town, abused by her father, and living in an impoverished home.
  • She said that she had been abused by her father, Marinko, from early childhood.
  • It is known that her power first manifested after she was abused by her stepfather.
  • She gets married to her cousin Mohsin and is always abused by her husband and mother in law.
  • Pilnyeo continues to be abused by her new husband, but later risks her own life for him.
  • Sally is abused by her father, and she dreams of getting married.
  • She befriends six-year-old Mary, who is abused by her mother, who is apparently suffering from depression.
  • As she begins to cry, Walter realizes that she is being abused by her father.
  • Helena had a daughter who had married, and was beaten and abused by her husband.
  • She also put herself at risk several times to save captured Peruvian soldiers from being abused by her compatriots.
  • She reveals that as a child she was physically abused by her father, and that her mother had done nothing to protect her.
  • He said that she was sexually abused by her step-dad and wanted to send her soul to God.
  • She was psychologically abused by her mother for many years.
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