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  • A short distance away there was a valley where water was abundant.
  • There are several places throughout the world where the amount of natural resources are abundant.
  • While some countries have an abundant supply of fresh water, others do not have as much.
  • The city was named for the abundant natural gas that was found in the area.
  • It is one of the most abundant fish species in the world.
  • It also occurs where water seems abundant but where resources are over-committed.
  • Many of its species are abundant and well-known birds in their ranges.
  • He returned with reports of the deep-water port and the area's abundant coal.
  • They typically drink once per day or night, but can do so several times daily if supply is abundant.
  • These are very abundant and form a large number of branches.
  • The original meaning of the name is thought to be "abundant land".
  • They are by far the most abundant seal species in the world.
  • Large scale industrial plants were established based on New Zealand's abundant natural gas.
  • By tradition, the city's name was derived from the abundant water power available from the river.
  • All about the city he found abundant remains of burials of later periods.
  • They include some of the world's most abundant gastropod species.
  • Though it is widespread and abundant, its numbers have declined in some areas.
  • The leaves are much larger at this level and insect life is abundant.
  • Many visitors to the county are drawn to its natural resources and abundant wildlife.
  • The grass family is one of the most widely distributed and abundant groups of plants on Earth.
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Meaning of abundant

  • adjective Present in great quantity
    an abundant supply of water