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  • Nearly all title insurance companies hold ALTA membership, in addition to abstractors and title agents.
  • Some title abstractors have certifications documenting their experience level and training and successfully having passed an exam.
  • Title companies, abstractors, members of the media and the general public have also benefited from WCCA.
  • Education and training are delivered via the annual meeting, online training, monthly educational experiences for abstractors, and monthly open forum calls for registry staff.
  • TQIP helps ensure the quality of data by providing training for trauma registrars and data abstractors.
  • It succeeded an earlier organization, the Japanese CA Abstractors' Association, which was started in 1954.
  • So great was the attendance of villagers, even the abstractors of the lost garment must, we were certain, be among the crowd assembled to hear our names shouted out on the still air. Cited from In and Out of Three Normady Inns, Anna Bowman Dodd
  • Some fairies of life size, who live within the green hills or under the raths, are supposed to carry off healthy babes to be made fairy children, their abstractors leaving weak changelings in their place. Cited from The Glories of Ireland, Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox
  • The use of volunteer abstractors was phased out in 1994.
  • For example, water release from a reservoir to help fish spawn may not be available to farms upstream, and water retained in a river to maintain waterway health would not be available to water abstractors downstream.
  • The Office of Technical Services has a European staff of four to five hundred J At Hoechst, it has one hundred abstractors who struggle feverishly to keep ahead of the forty OTS document-recording cameras which route to them each month over one hundred thousand feet of microfilm.
  • ASI serves indexers, librarians, abstractors, editors, publishers, database producers, data searchers, product developers, technical writers, academic professionals, researchers and readers, and others concerned with indexing.
Root form of abstractors is abstractor for the noun.

Meaning of abstractors

  • noun One who makes abstracts or summarizes information