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  • This process is often performed by a trained professional called a title abstractor.
  • The title abstract is provided to the title company, attorney, or end-user by the abstractor.
  • He worked for a railroad and an oil company and was an abstractor and involved in conservation and the tourism industry.
  • The document produced by a title abstractor is called a title abstract, or abstract of title.
  • The king is the artist, you are the guest, I am the abstractor of quintessences, the cook. Cited from Earthwork Out Of Tuscany, by Maurice Hewlett
  • The abstractor is usually a radical species itself.
  • It was hard to fathom the ultimate plans of such an abstractor, who would not dare to use the machine in any public way and could scarcely sell it. Cited from Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane, by Roy Rockwood
  • An editorial advisor to several medical and scientific journals, he has also worked as an abstractor for radiology periodicals.
  • He was also a reviewer, discussor and abstractor of over 150 scientific and technical publications.
  • Maps belonging to a local abstractor helped not a whit. Cited from Slave Narratives: Arkansas, Pt. 6, by Work Projects Administration
  • An abstractor noticed this, and a fraud alert was issued on one of Cox's money laundering bank accounts.
  • Schroeder began his own paper only two years later, the Daily Abstractor, captured most of the Reporter's readers, and then bought out the Reporter.
  • He had been an abstractor for Chemical Abstracts since 1919 and editor of its rubber section since 1925.
  • An example of an closed-shell abstractor is chromyl chloride.
  • Miss SHEILA KAYE-SMITH continues to be the chronicler and brief abstractor of Sussex country life. Cited from Punch, Vol. 159, September 8th, 1920, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • Throughout the rest of his life Reed was a surveyor, abstractor and land developer, creating many of the subdivisions that grew around downtown Omaha.
  • He graduated from Hill's Business College in Oklahoma City in 1909 and subsequently worked as a clerk in real estate office and then worked as an abstractor.
  • De Bruijn called an applicator and its corresponding abstractor in this interpretation partners, and wagons without partners bachelors.
  • Similar reactions (although with species other than oxygen as the hydrogen abstractor) are involved in the production of ethylene from ethane in steam cracking.
  • For example, in the above example, the applicator (M) can be brought to its abstractor [w], or the abstractor to the applicator.
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Meaning of abstractor

  • noun One who makes abstracts or summarizes information