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  • The unusual roof emphasised post-war abstractism as opposed to art deco simplicity.
  • Critics of Villapol's work often define his sculptures as one or combination of: realism, abstractism, and surrealism.
  • By hanging An Artist Painting his Father, circa 1968 at the center of his art studio, he intended to remind all his students to refrain from abstractism.
  • His new works are labyrinths, dead trees, non figurative 3D objects and installations, but especially black and gloomy shapes, becoming one of the biggest and influential artists in graffiti abstractism.
  • More recently, critics have suggested that Villapol's style cannot be defined by any one of these labels but as a fusion of all three: REalism + ABstractism + SUrrealism.
  • The art of Rho is marked by a balance between strict geometry, similar to the "cold" abstractism of Russian suprematism, and a warmth considered typically North Italian.