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  • But see now how the abstractionist treats this rich and intricate vision that a certain state of things must be true. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • While in Paris, he became a confirmed abstractionist, and continued writing and publishing on modern movements upon his return to New York.
  • Blanch began her career focusing on realists subjects, however, increasingly she became an abstractionist.
  • However, over the years, as O'Keeffe becomes famous abstractionist, their relationship deteriorates.
  • He developed a distinctive style as an abstractionist that was spare and yet employed the use of expressive gestures.
  • He also believed that what he called Jewish abstractionist thought tended to lead Jews to communist ideals and emphasis on the group over the individual.
  • In these final works, the forms have indeed usurped the role of the lines, opening another new door for Mondrian's development as an abstractionist.
  • He started out as an expressionist, a trend he left behind in 1950 in Paris when discovered new geometric abstractionist trends.
  • In general, the issue of the nature of proto-language remains unsolved, with linguists taking the realist or abstractionist position.
  • He is considered one of the principal exponents of the geometric abstractionist school of painting in Iceland in the early sixties.
  • Douglas was opposed to abstractionist philosophies, because he believed that these philosophies inevitably led to the elevation of abstractions, such as the state, over individuals.
  • His work is often labeled as Symbolic Abstractionist, being one of the first African-American artists to paint in the Cubist style.
  • Your typical ultra- abstractionist fairly shudders at concreteness: other things equal, he positively prefers the pale and spectral. Cited from Pragmatism, by William James
  • Josef Albers is best remembered for his work as an Geometric abstractionist painter and theorist.
  • Rothko began to insist that he was not an abstractionist and that such a description was as inaccurate as labeling him a great colorist.
  • She is sometimes classed as a lyrical abstractionist.
  • An abstractionist, Olah's paintings incorporate fabric, thread and mixed media.
  • Regarding Brown's Shell Series of oil paintings on canvas, The Birmingham News described her as a lyrical nonobjective abstractionist.
  • Perhaps they may then wonder how so harmless and natural an account of truth as mine could have found such difficulty in entering the minds of men far more intelligent than I can ever hope to become, but wedded by education and tradition to the abstractionist manner of thought. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • His mother is the lyrical abstractionist painter Yahne Le Toumelin.
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  • noun A painter of abstract pictures