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  • Info Abstractionism is the theory that the mind obtains some or all of its concepts by abstracting them from concepts it already has, or from experience. more...
  • His earlier works are expressionist, while later have features of abstractionism.
  • He was infatuated with European arts movement during which abstractionism swept the continent at the moment.
  • She is one of the main representatives of the informal abstractionism.
  • It almost reconciles one to being no logician that one thereby escapes so much abstractionism. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • Pragmatism saves us at any rate from such diseased abstractionism as those pages show. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • It is in this charge that the vicious abstractionism becomes most apparent. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • All print processes are represented in this collection and many of the works are from the formative years of European abstractionism.
  • It was a minimalist expression but never reached full abstractionism.
  • Here she developed a unique, refined style, continuing with Abstractionism.
  • The group was in reaction to the rise of abstractionism and forieign influence in Mexican art.
  • The use of expressive colour tending towards abstractionism put him among the ranks of the best contemporary Croatian artists.
  • He also praised Soviet writers who rejected cosmopolitanism and abstractionism.
  • His works were performed in the fusion of art styles, between social realism, expressionism and abstractionism.
  • Under government patronage he dominated Brazilian painting in the mid-20th century until Abstractionism showed up in the 1950s.
  • This is the interesting point: that Donati imposed his subjects on and out of abstractionism.
  • Abstractionism of the worst sort dogs Mr. Russell in his own trials to tell positively what the word 'truth' means. Cited from The Meaning of Truth, by William James
  • He bolstered the Contemporary Abstractionism collection during his tenure.
  • His designs were also influenced by cubism and abstractionism.
  • The early 1930s marked Valmier's final transition to abstractionism.
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Meaning of abstractionism

  • noun An abstract genre of art; artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation
  • noun A representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples