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  • Let me now pass from these abstracter statements to some more concrete accounts of experience with the mind-cure religion. Cited from Varieties of Religious Experience, by Wm. James
  • It came from the abstracter facts of the man, from what he had endured and survived, which was far beyond that of ordinary men. Cited from Burning Daylight, by Jack London
  • Yet we must always beware of reading into such abstracter groups that purely formal, relational feeling that we can hardly help associating with certain of the abstracter concepts which, with us, fall in group III, unless, indeed, there is clear evidence to warrant such a reading in. Cited from Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir
  • A language that runs to synthesis of this loose-jointed sort may be looked upon as an example of the ideal agglutinative type, particularly if the concepts expressed by the agglutinated elements are relational or, at the least, belong to the abstracter class of derivational ideas. Cited from Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir
  • He was active in publishing numerous articles on Rhode Island history, served as editor of Phi Alpha Theta's journal, The Historian, and was an abstracter for Historical Abstracts.
  • An attorney, real estate title abstracter and title insurance agent, Mr. Korsmo was the founder and president since 1998 of Korsmo Consulting Services, Inc., a healthcare, political and sports marketing consulting firm in Fargo, North Dakota.